King’s Witness:, & Copyright 2013 © ***Logos Disclaimer; All website logos ARE designed and owned by ***Background Images Disclaimer; Excluding, all background images were NOT created by, NOR are they owned by Each image/clipart belongs to respective persons not listed. Jared McCarthy (Owner / Operator) Cell (859) 801-5594 iFiTSWOODiTSGOOD iF iTS WOOD iTS GOOD iF iT’S WOOD iT’S GOOD 12” Cedar Starts at $27 (+$6 Shipping) 24” Cedar Starts at $37 (+$8 Shipping) 18” Pine (Name Plaque) Starts at $47 (+$9 Shipping) SELECT LOGO (For Cedar Plaques) SELECT PLAQUE TYPE EMAIL TO PLACE AN ORDER Jared McCarthy at An order should consist of: Wood Plaque Type and Size: o Cedar (12” or 24”) o Pine Name Plaque (18”) Logo Selection (Pine name plaques only: get basic landscape logo and family name) o Logo o Logo + 2nd line text (+$3) o Logo + 3rd line text (+$6) Logo Orientation (Landscape or Portrait) Edge (Round Over or Cove) Logo & Letter Stain (Dark Walnut, Jacobean, Sedona Red, Red Mahogony, or Ebony) If a Name Plaque: o Name Plaque Font (Shown above) o Surface Stain (Golden Oak or Gunstock)(+$4) - King's Witness